Your personal medical cannabis doctor is ready to help

200 million people have access to medical cannabis, but no one knows how to prescribe it.

Your personal medical marijuana chat bot is now available 24/7. More patients are turning to cannabis to treat a wide range of medical conditions. From seizures, headaches, anxiety, and PTSD to cancer and chronic pain, cannabis is saving people’s lives. Doctors aren’t taught how to prescribe medical cannabis in medical school. Whether you are a 35-year old mom suffering from back and neck pain, or a 52-year old male battling cancer. If you want to use medical cannabis, it’s difficult finding a medical professional who can advise you which strain to use, how to take and in what dosage.


ABBI is learning how to provide you with accurate recommendations thanks to input from The Canna MD’s, a group of doctors who are also experts on medical cannabis. ABBI can do so much more than provide a personal dose recommendation. She can tell you how to pass a drug test, or show you beautiful photos of green buds. She can show you different way to medicate or amuse you with stoner thoughts. See why ABBI is going to be your new favorite smoking buddy.

You can also launch ABBI by scanning this image in Facebook Messenger. Tap the button at the bottom of Messenger as if you’re going to take a photo, then hold your finger on the screen as if you’re trying to focus the camera on the code: